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Zoom Wool-hemp mattress topper
Zoom Wool-hemp mattress topper
Zoom Wool-hemp mattress topper
Zoom Wool-hemp mattress topper
Zoom Wool-hemp mattress topper
Zoom Wool-hemp mattress topper

Wool-hemp mattress topper


We deliver this product free of charge to the EU, CH and FL!

Informationen für Kunden aus der Schweiz und dem Fürstenstum Liechtenstein, bitte hier klicken.

If you need a special size, please feel free to contact us here .

sleeping climate

The mattress pad improves the climate-regulating properties of every mattress. Due to the lack of protein, hemp fibers are resistant to moth and mite infestation. They are antistatic, odorless, dirt-repellent and guarantee a relaxed, deep sleep.

bungee cords

To ensure that your wool-hemp mattress topper always stays in place, there are elastic straps on all four corners. Our overlay can be used on any mattress.

Filling with wool & hemp

The filling consists of sheep's wool and hemp fibers. The sheep's wool has warming properties, the hemp fiber has cooling properties - this creates an exceptional sleeping climate. To ensure that the fleece does not slip, several tie points are attached to the support by hand.

care instructions

Thanks to the self-cleaning lanolin of the sheep's wool and the antibacterial effect of the hemp fiber, our wool-hemp products require little care.

Because it is a natural product, our wool hemp products are not machine washable. Please do not put it in the dryer either.

If it is heavily soiled, wash it out by hand with curd soap and, if possible, let it dry quickly (hair dryer, radiator, oven) so that there is no water mark. It is possible to dry-clean the hemp bedding.


We ship our wool hemp bedding (mattress pad, blanket, pillow) free of charge to large parts of the EU. Shipping to Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein costs €30.


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