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All of our products are made from natural materials. We only use organic cotton, sheep's wool and hemp fibers from controlled organic cultivation and controlled organic animal husbandry.

ash wood

Our slats are made of untreated ash wood, which is given a special surface property by a gate cut, which ensures optimal air circulation between the slatted frame and the mattress. Ash wood is also characterized by the fact that it guarantees maximum resilience and torsional twisting.

natural rubber

Our Talalay rubber should not be confused with cold foam. Natural rubber is the sap from the rubber tree, consisting of rubber particles and water. The mixture expands through a vacuuming process.

Since the mattress is ventilated with every body movement, there are no problems with moths and mites.

wool-hemp fleece

Industrial hemp has an antibacterial effect and sheep's wool has a self-cleaning effect. The mixture of warming Merino sheep's wool and cooling hemp fibers creates a pleasant sleeping climate - nice and warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.

Organic cotton

We only use organic cotton in our products. Cotton is a natural plant fiber and consists of 91% cellulose, which is obtained from the fruit capsules of the cotton plant. The cotton fiber is very resistant and absorbs moisture well.


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