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How do we manage to be able to personalize our sleeping systems for each individual customer? What do we pay attention to, what is the path from the order to the first night in a tailor-made bed?

natural rubber sheets

In our warehouse there are countless natural rubber sheets of various hardnesses. Since it is a natural product, there are also differences in strength within the panel. We sort the boards and cut them into shoulder, pelvic and foot beams.

natural rubber beam

Each individual beam is then measured, marked and sorted again for strength using our specially developed measuring method. This is the only way we can produce tailor-made slatted gratings.

body measurements

As soon as the customer has given his body measurements, the measurement sheet goes into production. Only now are the components perfectly matched to the sleeper and put together, because now we know how, for example, 80 kg is distributed over 180 cm and accordingly we support the pelvic area differently than the shoulder area.

slatted grid

The double slatted frame - our heart - is now assembled by hand. This is not possible with a machine because the rubber beams are elastic and the rigid ash wood has to be threaded into narrow straps. Each grate part is then labeled with "man's pelvis", "woman's shoulder" etc.


In addition to the slatted frame, the mattress is also selected based on body measurements. Since the slatted frame adapts perfectly to the body, we only need a thin mattress of 7 cm. Because the higher the mattress, the less you feel the slatted frame. Here, too, each mattress is individually inspected and weighed. So each sleeper gets their own mattress.

Wool-hemp bedding

Our special wool-hemp fleece is used in our mattress pads, blankets and pillows. You can choose between one continuous and two individual mattress pads. Thanks to manual work, we can manufacture any product to the desired size - special dimensions are not a problem for us. Our cushions can be adjusted in height at any time.

shipping / installation

If the products have been carefully manufactured, they are packed in cardboard boxes. For a double bed, we usually only need three boxes of 90x60x50cm, thanks to the three-part structure of the slatted frame.

Within Vorarlberg we install the beds free of charge.

Good night

Depending on the previous mattress, it can take one to two weeks for the body to get used to the new sleeping system. Especially with older mattresses, water or air beds, the change is the greatest. Since our system provides targeted support, the body is drawn back into its natural length and balance. After about 3 weeks we ask the customer how the new sleep system is going. If it still pinches or pinches somewhere, we will be happy to help you on how to readjust the sleep system yourself. A brochure with helpful tips & tricks is also included.


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