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The effect of the hemp fiber

Thanks to its cooling and antibacterial properties, the hemp fiber is perfect for our bedding.

The unique mixture of 55% hemp and 45% new wool makes the hemp wool a very special experience. Due to the high hemp content, this wool blend is very hard-wearing and therefore durable. The wool contained is 100% natural, which is why the hemp wool is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

The moisture absorption of hemp wool is almost as high as that of pure wool; In addition, the hemp fiber has an antibacterial effect. Due to the admixture of hemp fibers, improved abrasion resistance, a cooling effect and thus optimal climate exchange are achieved. Hemp is one of the oldest and most well-known crops, which mankind has been using for thousands of years.

A bit out of fashion in the last few decades, today it is increasingly being used in a wide variety of products. Hemp is fast-growing and naturally very resilient. The fibers of the hemp plant have a high tear resistance. Hemp is an ideal crop: no harmful chemicals need to be used during cultivation, harvesting or processing. Hemp is therefore absolutely pesticide-free!


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